Crazy Summer Goals / Plans?

Have any ideas? 🙂
And I mean craazzyyy.

Here’s what I have so far ;
– get cruunk
– flyy highh
– go to an all ages dance
– get five hours community service
– sneak out
– get bestfriend who doesnt drink to drink 😉
– go to a concert
– get aviators
– hook up w stranger
– beach with the bests
– bonfiresss
– kick ass birthday party ( birthdays in jul )
– be single all summer
– harry potter opening day in costumes ;D
– shoplift
– sleepover outside
– random hook ups
– take a boat out for a day
– canoeing
– find something formal to go to
– meet new boysss 😉
– go to a bush party
– gain muscle ; workouts at least twice a week
– iPhone ; get one !
– go blonde
– walk the streets at two am with the best
– go skinny dipping
– stay in walmart for twenty four hours straight
– stay up for seventy two hours straight
– ouiji board in haunted farm house near house
– go in tunnels under movie theatres near house
– get an amazing tan
– niagara falls with the best
– cut someones hair
– fried twinkies ; try them
– swim for twelve hours
– sneak into a movie
– tp a house
– drive a car .
– run a carwash with bestfriends
– cut someones hair

any other ideas ?
+ please
no lectures 🙂
ps ; im fifteen .


  1. i’ll share some of mine:
    i’m 14 btw
    tp a house with party streamers
    put for sale signs on cars and in peoples yards!
    go streaking at 3 a.m.
    run down the street with a airhorn at 2 a.m.
    SKINNY DIPPING with friends!!

  2. manateelover12 says

    Some of those sound really fun, but don’t shoplift, mainly because if you get caught your summer is ruined.

  3. Jump off the high dive at a public pool “loose” your swimsuit under water get out nude and only act surprised and embarrassed when people say something

    PS I’ve done it, it feels amazing

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