CrAzY teen activities for boys?

Ok so my friend and I are two boys (16 &17) and we’re always doing crazy, stupid, wild stuff that’s always pushing our comfort levels and junk. Nothin illegal, just typical boy immaturity. My question is my friend and I are running out of things to do and we are getting bored with just doing the same old stuff like skinny dipping, streaking, truth & dare, ect. Does anyone have any other ideas or activities? Or anyway to make the stuff we do now new and exciting? We’re really bored!!!
Sorry, I did not realize I only listed activities that sounded slightly homosexual. OMG, WE ARE NOT!!! First and foremost we have grown up together and we are like brothers. We have no secrets and we do everything together. Second we do tons of other stuff like hang out at the movies, rock climbing, working out, check out girls and so on. I guess we just need some other ideas. We want to branch out! The older we get, the harder it is to be original.


  1. paintball!!!! pure adrenaline!!!

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