CRAZY things to do over the summer?

I want this summer to be a memorable one! Give me original ideas of crazy things to do! And it could just be crazy things in general it doesn’t have to be summer :]] just fun shit that I could do with friends, y’know πŸ™‚ and not stuff like crazy things to do in walmart or something X.X
Here’s what I already have on my list:

1.Go indoor skydiving
2.Get a massage
3.Egg or toilet paper someone’s house
4.Ride a rollercoaster
5.Steal a sign
6.Go skinny dipping
7.Go streaking
8.Watch the sunrise
9.Have a whipped cream fight
12.Water balloon fight
13.Go to a concert (mosh at concert)
14.Race in a shopping cart
15.Give out free hugs (or hugs for a quarter?)
16.Go swimming in the middle of the night
17.Go on the side of the road and hold a huge sign that says "honk if you think I’m hot"
18.Sneak out in the middle of the night
19.Get CRAZY drunk
21.Go to a rave <3
22.Count/watch the stars with someone
23.Learn how to belly dance
24.Wear bra and panties outside of clothes for an hour
25.Play strip poker
26.Play beer pong
27.Ride a fake bull


  1. have a lemonade stand except sell pancakes
    build a bear πŸ™‚ jk.. unless u want to…
    go to the mall from when it opens til it closes
    go into a department store or somewhere that sells matresses and take a nap on one
    go to a midnight premiere of movie
    have a spaghetti, tomato, or cupcake food fight
    successfully go up the down escalator

  2. says

    hack the pentagon server jk
    Blow up a battery pack
    Set your calculator on fire
    Why not crazy stuff in walmart? you could do a miilion things to get kicked out it would be fun
    Lighting random stuff on fire
    playing hide and go seek tag with paintball guns

  3. Alex Tanasic says

    Pretend to be a homeless person and when a person tries to give you money. Say no thanks and show them your bundle of cash. I did it once and the guys reaction was hella funny. XD

  4. im 14 and the most fun i had was sneaking out with my moms car at age 12 i almost crashed but it was so fun talk about adrenalin rush

  5. Go Christmas carolling! πŸ˜€

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