Crazy things to do this summer?

Me and my friends are trying t make a list of fun things to do this summer. We have things like, skinny dipping, get cartalige pierced, jump off the pier and things like that. we want to accoplish lots of cool things this summer. does anyone have any other idea for crazy things we can do? and maybe so funy things involving guys and stangers too! haha…. help please! 😀


  1. o Go To A Midnight Premiere Of A Movie
    o Have A Mall Scavenger Hunt
    o Movie’s Marathon
    o Have A 4th Of July BBQ
    o Make A Slip n’ Slide
    o Have A Lemonade Stand
    o Vacation
    o Make T-Shirts
    o Color A Coloring Book
    o Go Horseback Riding
    o Have A Picnic
    o Tan
    o Laser Tag
    o Go Mini Golfing
    o Go Bowling
    o Go To A Baseball Game
    o Cook A Full Meal
    o Draw With Chalk On The Driveway
    o Go To An Amusement Park And Ride Everything
    o Get Another Part Of Ears Pierced
    o Play Tennis
    o Get Dressed Up Fancy And Go To A Fast Food Restaurant
    o Temporary Dye Hair
    o Jump Rope
    o Pick Fruits
    o Tie Dye Stuff
    o Play Uno
    o Make A Time Capsule
    o Go To NYC
    o Collect Fireflies
    o Wash The Car
    o Drink Lemonade In A Kiddy Pool
    o Have A Water Gun Fight
    o Fly A Kite
    o Play Marco Polo (In Water Or On Land!)
    o Go To The Mall From When It Opens To When It Closes
    o Make A Root Beer Float
    o Play Games Like Candyland And Pretty Pretty Princess
    o Order A Pizza
    o Get Lattes
    o Climb Trees
    o Obstacle Course
    o Look At Clouds Or Stars
    o Take Lots Of Pictures
    o Play Badminton
    o Have A Food Fight
    o Plant Flowers
    o Blow Bubbles
    o Play Tag In The Rain
    o Go To A Playground
    o Get A Makeover At The Mall
    o Go To A New Restaurant
    o Read The Newspaper
    o Make A Flip Book
    o Host A Party
    o Explode Coke With Mentos
    o Sit On Roof With Friends
    o Go Up A Down Escalator
    o Slide Down Grass Hill On Cardboard
    o Make A Rock Buddy
    o Make S’mores
    o Finger Paint
    o Make Life Sized Portraits
    o Eat Kabobs
    o Make Message Balloons
    o Make A Little Anti-Boredom Kit
    o Make A Baking Soda Volcano
    o Face Paint
    o Make A Movie
    o Go To Carlos Bakery
    o Put Together A Fashion Show
    o Build Fairy Houses In The Backyard
    o Make Mud Pies
    o Make And Walk On Tin Can Stilts
    o Hot Air Balloon Ride
    o Go Roller Skating
    o Buy Ice Cream From The Ice Cream Truck
    o Camping In The Backyard
    o Go To The Fair
    o Go To An Outdoor Concert
    o Stargaze
    o Water Fight
    o Puffy Paint Shirts or Soffe Shorts
    o Buy an Underwater Camera and Take Pics With It
    o Bake Dog Treats
    o Bonfires
    o Build A Bear
    o Indoor Rock Climbing
    o Make Big Pancakes
    o Go To A Zoo
    o Concert
    o Babysit
    o Make Pizza
    o Make A Movie
    o Take At Least 1,000 Pictures
    o Etch Names Into A Tree
    o Send A Message In A Bottle
    o Decorate Converse
    o Make Sand-Filled Bottles
    o Make A Pop-Up Card
    o Do Laundry
    o Make A Banana Split
    o Pie Eating Contest
    o Freeze A Water Balloon and Peel off the Balloon Part
    o Obstacle Courses

  2. camping is always good. and you can camp anywere for one night and easily get away with it

  3. well…………i dont have anything but i likehot air bollon rids oh can we be friends

  4. YouDontNeedToKnow :) says

    1. Go up the CN Tower elevator.
    2. Sleep in a tent.
    3. Get a French manicure.
    4. Go on a plane.
    5. Go to a drive in theatre.
    6. Go swimming in a blow-up pool. 😀
    7. Go to a beach.
    8. Go shopping at the Eaton Centre.
    9. Pull an all-nighter by myself in my backyard.
    10. Buy something online.
    11. Take a picture every day this summer.
    12. Have a yard sale.
    13. Set up a lemonade stand.
    14. Make at least 3 new friends.
    15. Go Go-karting
    16. Eat a banana split.
    17. Swim in an ocean.
    18. Watch fireworks.
    19. Spend an entire day in my pyjamas.
    20. Make smores.
    21. Have someone draw a portrait of me.
    22. Dance in the rain.
    23. Go mini-golfing.
    24. Go parasailing.
    25. Go to a cottage.
    26. Swim in a lake.
    27. Donate old clothes to charity.
    28. Do a summersault.
    29. Fly a kite
    30. Buy a pet goldfish.
    31. Take a picture with someone in a photo booth.
    32. Superglue a toonie to the ground.
    33. Leave a sticker on an ice cream truck.

  5. Jessica Jonson says

    ?kiss a stranger
    ? use a fake ID
    ? be a wedding crasher
    ☀️ skinny dipping
    ? movie marathon
    ? road trip
    Have fun

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