Crazy things to do this summer?

Okay me and my friends want to make this a summer to remember. Most of us are going to college in the fall. we want crazy, kinky, insane things to do. for instance, crazy things we have done in the past are walking 3 miles from a deserted area into a nearby town at 4 in the morning, attempting to steal alcohol from old people’s basements, going on naked walks, streaking, skinny dipping, truth or dare, you get the idea. we want new ideas (similar to the ones mentioned) that will just be awesome and make this summer incredible. if anyone has any ideas of what you’ve done or wanted to do please share! Thank you.


  1. Go to a grocery store get two of your friends to bring a stereo blast on an insane track at the same time yo must be in a crowded store start singing and dancing with the people at the store. should be fn

  2. Danni Foster says

    your a little late aren’t you, my summer is almost over!!

  3. Jump off a bride into a river. Sounds dangerous but can be fun if you do it right. Plus the cold water will knock the air out of you

  4. how about operation babe hunting. find a hot chick on the beach and try to get her to ur house. trust me this is very difficult 4 u guys but if u can pull it off u will surely remember this one night stand.

  5. light some bags of poo on fire just like billy madison. go to a sunday morning church service nascar drunk. yell at people from cars. go camping and get nascar drunk. go to a library and when no one is looking chuck a book across the library. get drunk eat shiiiit phuck around filthy you

  6. Shrooms

  7. Olivia -------- says

    throw a party and invite anyone you know and invit their friends
    jump of a tall building with a parachute
    jump off of a bridge
    spend a whole day eating junk food
    give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her
    write a random message in a bottle and put it in the ocean
    shower in a waterfall
    spend a night in a haunted house
    drive across america from coast to coast
    make a complete fool of yourself
    take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the country
    raft through the grand canyon
    jump off a hot air balloon
    kiss as many people as you can
    scuba dive off australias great barrier reef
    go to vegas
    run to the top of the statue of liberty
    ski a double back diamond run
    swim with a shark
    climb an active volcano
    spend the night in the jungle
    climb the great pyramid of egypt
    visit the great wall of china

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