Discovering Skinny Dipping

Connor sent in this story about his slide into skinny dipping:

It all started one summer when I was young. I grew up with an outdoor pool in my backyard, and in those days, I spent a lot of time swimming in it. I always wore a pair of swim shorts, since that’s what I was raised to wear and my family was generally conservative when it came to clothing.

But one day, I went for a swim by myself, and my shorts must have been a little loose, because as soon as I dove in, they fell down to my ankles. I pulled them back up as fast as I could, since I was timid in those days and worried that someone may have seen me. Looking around, I found that I was entirely alone, and had nothing to worry about. Having acknowledged this, I felt the urge to recreate what had just happened, so I climbed out of the pool to dive in again, but this time making sure that the front of my swim shorts was completely untied. I dove in again, and this time my shorts were pulled completely off. I felt such a rush with the water touching every inch of my skin, entirely unobstructed. But I quickly realized how easy it would have been for a neighbor to poke their head over their fence and see me completely naked, so I hastily put my shorts back on.

This quickly became part of my normal routine whenever I was swimming alone, each time becoming more comfortable swimming in the nude. I eventually would just take off my swim shorts whenever I was alone and spend the whole time naked. While I was so scared of someone seeing me naked earlier on, at this point I almost wanted someone to catch me naked. I probably would have been horrified if it actually happened, but I was getting bolder with my body and more excited about skinny dipping and nudism in general. I started sleeping in the nude, and when I had the house to myself I would hang out in the nude. Eventually, I would stop bringing my swim shorts to the pool at all, and walk through my yard completely naked.

Until one day, when I was skinny dipping and my older sister started walking outside. I got so scared that she would see me, tell the rest of my family, and I would never get to do this again without feeling utterly ashamed. But I had stopped brining my shorts out with me, so I had nothing to cover myself with!  I just hugged the pool’s inner wall as close as I could, and thankfully she didn’t get close enough to see anything and went inside shortly after.  At that point, I was just shocked that I was completely naked so close to my own sister. Once she left, I hurried inside and that was my last time skinny dipping for a while. I found out later in life that she also skinny dipped constantly in that pool, so in retrospect, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a big deal if she had caught me.

After some time, I was hanging out outside, and glanced at my neighbor’s yard to find that their whole family was swimming naked together, and I instantly felt such envy of their comfortability with each other. I decided that, going forward, I needed to find someone to skinny dip with, in an environment where I wouldn’t be scared of being caught. That was never going to happen with my own family, so I started suggesting skinny dipping to my friends, but they never took me seriously.  They always thought I was joking. Once, while I was swimming with some of them, I dove underwater, took off my shorts and pretended that they fell off. But they teased me so badly that I never tried it again.

I didn’t find anyone who was comfortable skinny dipping with me for many years, but I eventually made a close group of friends who are all comfortable with each other, and whenever we swim, nobody has to wear anything.

For those of you aspiring nudists and skinny dippers out there who don’t have the means to do it right now, trust me, there are tons of us out there, and it’s a lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Connor, and those sage words of wisdom!



  1. Tobias Solomon says

    Nice story 😉

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