Does anyone have any slightly dirty dares for an all-girl sleepover?

I don’t want them completely vulgar or anything. Like, making out with each other is out of the question. lol. But things like skinny dipping at midnight and such. I’ll pick a best, too. Thanks so much!


  1. smokin trigirl says

    Ok have some body roll a dice and the girl who roles the lowest number has to let the girls tie her up and do something to her. (good or bad) and every time she flinches/laughs she has to remove one piece of clothing for 15 minutes. ANd gets one minute added on. flash your boobs on front of a window for 30 seconds. kiss sumbodys’ @ss ( with pants on) go out on the road and the one who can walk the furthest with only a bra and panties wins and gets to do waht ever she wants to somebody. Got more if you need soe but this is what i have for now. I hope this helps LOve ya

  2. william ftw :) says

    flash there private areas outside a window or sumtin

  3. Run around the house with your top off or naked shouting something really embarrassing. Really good if family is in the house or close to neighbours haha

  4. Meeeeee!! says

    Alrighty, we’re gonna need whipped cream, a nine iron, fuzzy cuffs, a kiddie pool, and a large mammal… Oh, NOT totally vulgar…

  5. Have the person who is "it" put on some really red lipstick, then have her COVER another girl’s feet with kisses.

  6. the 2 girls put on bras and frilly thongs and lap dance

  7. Get in only a bra and a thong and order pizza. When then pizza man comes ask him for the pizza in exchange for your bra and panties. If he says yes do it! If he says no then say your no fun and frown. Pay and make sure u pay to where you get change before he leaves drop the change and bend over to pick it up. If the pizza person is a girl then screw that.

  8. Have a girl take off her bra, and get a pair of stretchy panties and put the part where you butt goes over her boobs. The strap that goes between the legs will be the bra strap. She must stay like this the whole sleepover.

  9. The girl who has a good one says

    Ok, ok so have two of the girls strip naked and hug each other for 30 secs (;

  10. SuckItRealGood says

    Put heaps of lipstick on and kiss all around another girls chest ( Not the breasts ).

  11. SuckItRealGood says

    Squeeze someones buttocks

  12. SuckItRealGood says

    Somehow, wear a bra as underwear.

  13. Ok its not a dare its a prank
    For her dare, she has to take of her clothes and go for a shower but when she does it, cut or hide her clothes so when she comes back, she’ll have to stay in the nude, and I forgot to mention don’t put any towels in the bathroom, pretty good, huh?

  14. Elecia Robyn says

    What you do is you get the girl do this dare like I dare you to squeeze them and they say no then you stick there down the toilet

  15. Dare someone to take off her shirt and bra,squeeze her boobs!???

  16. Everyone rolls dice, when it lands on a 3 or 6 that person has to take off a piece of clothing, once all your clothes are off you are out. The last person with clothes on has to give everyone a lap dance Naked!!

  17. Dare some girl to ask any boy you want out then if the boy says yes the girl has to tell them it was a dare.

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