Early Experiences

Brian sent in this charming–if that’s the right word–story about some early memories in a more innocent time:

I grew up in the 1960s on Long Island, and I think it was a different era in terms of attitudes toward nudity. My parents did not partake but they had no qualms about my swimming nude at a friend’s house as long as parents were present.

One family we were friendly with had an in-ground pool and the habit of their two boys going nude. (One was a classmate of mine and the other was three years younger). Their daughter, a year younger than me did not, and wore a swimsuit. But, none of it was a big deal. The household had a casual attitude about nudity.

When I would sleep over there, all of us kids, even the daughter, bathed in the same bathroom and slept naked. This was all well and good until I turned 11.

One summer, we were all in the pool and the daughter and I got out to dry off. As we stood there facing each other talking, I started to get an erection which, frankly, didn’t seem to bother her, but it was not long after that I was asked to wear a swimsuit there.

Ha! Well, of course! All I can say is, the innocence of babes. You were probably kind of confused about it at the time, weren’t you?!!?


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