Drew sent in this nearly-classic tale of getting caught:

I have always loved skinny dipping and I have tried it once in a while. Just going out in a lake and taking off my trunks and swimming around a bit. But never really that much.

So one night I snuck out of my house and went to a nearby canal. I made sure to check if anyone was around and then I took off all my cloths and left them in a pile with my phone and keys.

Then I got into the canal and it was great! I swam around and played with the mud a bit. It felt so good against my naked body. After a bit I realized the current had taken me about half a mile downstream. So I got out and started walking back. Then I realized a man standing right next to my cloths and looking at them confused. I was so embarrassed!!

I had to walk right past him completely naked. As he walked past me he said “well it’s a wonderful night for it,” and I replied “yeah.” Then I ran to my clothes put them on and ran home.

I haven’t been skinny dipping much since but it was great!!!!

Thanks, Drew! I hope this experience isn’t the reason you don’t skinny dip often. Keep enjoying it!



  1. Always the risk you might get caught. Hopefully it does not stop you from skinny dipping as its an amazing feeling and great way to swim.

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