First Nude Resort Experience

Arthur sent in these touching memories:

After reading a number of stories on this forum it is time for me to add my story. When I was 14 I wanted to be adventurous and camp by myself in the backyard. After I was sure my parents and sister were asleep I got up and spent an hour quietly playing in the back yard totally naked and then went back to sleep. It felt great and it gave me a mindset that has lasted to this day, 50 years later.

A year later (in July) we moved to a new house prior to the old one being sold, as a result I got the job of riding my bicycle back to the old house to water the grass every two or three days. That gave me an empty house to romp around with no interruptions. Ten years later I got married and we were living in southern California and we talked about going to Black’s Beach but never got around to it before life happened and children arrived. When she passed away 35 years later we were still planning it as a future event; the message here is just do it now.

So now I am single, sad, and lonely. After mourning her death for six months I decided to take some time off work and go traveling; I have time, money, and want to finish a few things. I visited four nude resorts on the trip and then two more near home, and two months later I joined the one closest to home. So, you ask, what is it like to be naked along with a hundred other naked men and women who are complete strangers? It felt absolutely great.

While my wife was in the hospital I started keeping a journal, partly as a record but mostly as therapy. I wrote about my nude experience while still experiencing it; the following is from my first nude resort experience in 2010.


I arrived in the morning, checked in, got the tour, went to my room, shed everything, and took the room key, a twenty-dollar bill, and my computer. When I stepped out into the hallway I was still alone. When I stepped out into the world outside, no one shrieked or ran for cover, no one yelled to hide your eyes. In fact, no one gave a rip; just like I expected. Most of the people are old, fat, tanned, white, in pairs. Half are hairy, half are bare, some of the women have a waist, and all are enjoying themselves. I am not the fattest or whitest and C would not have been either. There is one fashion model (tall, blond, skinny, big boobs, and with the giveaway trademark of white high-heels) wandering about and there are a couple of bellies bouncing off of knees. It is all here. C was overweight, but she would not be overly conspicuous. One woman is missing a breast; many have small tattoos, piercing of the nipple, labia, penis, lip, nose, and even a few earlobes; a few couples have mobility issues; and there is even a fat house cat wandering about. The tanning levels vary from none to severe, to the extent that I wondered if that person was flirting with skin cancer.

There is a certain feeling unique to standing naked in front of the world. Not a rush of excitement, but rather one of soft inner contentment. Comfortable in your own skin, when skin is all you are in. Well, I will concede I was wearing C’s ring, my sandals to protect my tender feet, and my glasses so I could see where I was going, but nothing else.

How do I feel? Lonesome and weeping, of course, how else should I feel? I am sitting under a shade tree watching the crowd around the pool. The couple to my left is playing footsy, the couple ahead is holding hands, the couple walking by is having a good time too, and here I sit brooding into a keyboard. It is still better than sitting at home. I could get used to this very quickly. Some are wearing a hat, most are wearing less; and no cloth in the pool. About twenty are wearing absolutely nothing, no hat, glasses, jewelry, rings, piercings, footwear, or anything I can see; they are as naked as you can get. There is one noticeable difference between men and women. Most of the men are totally bare while about half of the women wear a thin wrap at the waist and hip that hides nothing and even seems to draw attention. What does it mean? Not a clue.

How else do I feel? I feel at ease, liberated, beyond concern, free, accepted with no strings attached. I feel like I expected, only with more intensity than predicted. We should have done this thirty-six years ago. It is a very empowering experience.

Wow. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and memories, Arthur. I hope your experiences help with the healing.

– Jen


  1. That story hit home. I am a long-time nudist, but my wife wasn’t. She died suddenly a year ago while I was visiting a local nudist resort for a few days. I have not been back since, but I am going this week to mark the one-year anniversary of her death

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