First Nude Swim in the Woods

Jonathan sent in this story of finding a perfect spot for a skinny dip:

This year I was walking through the woods near my house in rural Appalachia, Viper, KY, to be exact. My whole goal for the day was to find a waterfall or two to swim in with my fiancé clothed.

Well, when I went on the hike it was the middle of summer, 90 or more degrees hot, I was extremely tired from the hike. I fount a place where the water collected into a rather large swimming hole. I was completely alone, no one was with me.

I then took off EVERY article of clothing. The feeling was very freeing. I then walked into the swimming hole and just relaxed for a while, completely naked. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

This coming summer I’m still looking for a waterfall and hopefully I’ll swimming naked under it!

I’m glad you found a spot like that! Thanks for sharing this memory.


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