First Skinny Dip Experience Fun

And we got a new story from Andrew. It seems that he took a chance once and can’t wait to do more:

I have appreciated the opportunity of being privately naked for years, never ever dreaming of being comfortable at taking it all off around others, (except for public change rooms, etc.). Most of my naked or skinny dipping times had been either when I was home alone or in some remote place where I knew I could skinny dip without any chance of being seen. Well that all changed a few years ago, but I’ll leave that story for another post! First I want to tell you about the time that I was totally caught & at the mercy of those who found me!!

A number of years ago, I had been very involved in organizing a large project to an international sporting event. After working tirelessly for 9 months, I was so exhausted & needed some time to relax. A friend loaned me a condo at a nearby mountain resort. One late summer mid-week day I went for a hike in the neighboring national park. This park has a number of pristine mountain lakes & one in particular is excellent for swimming. There is a little island in the middle of the lake & at some places it is probably only 50 feet from the shore & the water would be no deeper than the top of my chest.

I decided to go out there to eat my lunch & hang out for a while. Not having any swimmers with me, the most logical thing in my mind was to strip off completely, stuff my clothes in my backpack & wade out to the island with my pack over my head. There was absolutely no one around & from where I was you could see the trail for some distance, so I “knew” no-one was coming. I’m totally naked & half way across to the island in the deepest part of the crossing, when I hear this female voice coming from the shore that I’d just left, talking to her female friend & kids, saying, “Look there’s someone swimming.” Where did they come from?! I turned & kind of spluttering told them that I wasn’t wearing any clothes. They were considerate enough to clear off until I could get to the island & find cover!

Even though they didn’t see me, or share in my skinny dipping experience, it really was an exhilarating experience. That got me thinking, what would it be like to actually be naked, with others there, & to not be concerned?  I’ll tell that & other stories another time, but for now, I can’t wait till summer!!

Thanks, Andrew. Let us know when you have more to share!

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