First Skinny Dip

Carrie sends this memory of the first time:

I am a teenager. We have a pool in our backyard. One day while my dad was at work and my mom was volunteering at my brother’s school, I was home alone and I decided, why not go skinny dipping?

I took off my clothes and slowly made my way into the pool. It felt amazing! I swam for a little bit longer and got the courage to jump off the diving board. It was such a thrill. I’ve been itching to go again but haven’t had the opportunity.

Also-do you guys have any naked challenges for me to do around the house or ways to “accidentally” flash my siblings?

Thanks for sharing your story, Carrie!



  1. My suggestion is that when you take a shower, “forget” your towel so you have to walk around the house naked to get it 😉

  2. Or when ur showering forget to close the door for everyone to see.

    Wear a short skirt and dont wear any panties. Spread your legs for others to accidentally see.

  3. I think you should ask your bother if you have one to to massage your whole body while your naked. You could also ask your brother if you have one to bathe you.

  4. You need to invest in a bikini with a strapless top so that you can “accidentally” have the thing drop to your waist after a dive or some rigorous movement. If you’re really feeling risky, get one with a cheap plastic hook. I had one snap on me during a volleyball game in a friend’s pool and the embarrassment of being stuck topless with a useless ex-top was golden!

  5. Heres another suggestion: After you have a shower put on a towel, and nothing else, and go into a common area. Start up a conversation with the first family member you come to. At some point, you get totally engrossed in the conversation, that you “forget” you are wearing only a towel, and accidentally drop the towel, exposing yourself to whoever is present.
    You may need to be very appologetic, and stick to your story that your exposure was “accidental”.

  6. A great first time. Would love to hear more time you go nude.You my try wearing a tight tee shirt that is see thru and act as if you didn’t know it.

  7. Hey Carrie try working at the fair/event and be in the Dunking Booth with only a white sundress on and let everyone hit the target!. Also try going in town in a frilly dress and no panties and play Like Marilyn Monroe over a air vent and have the dress flow up. Good Luck

  8. Carrie I think when you go to a public pool where your smallest tie on bakini and jump off the high dive when your under water take off both your bottom and top and “loose” them, and without saying anything climb out of the water nude, this would also work in your pool when company is over and will surley see you

  9. Go to a public pool in your smallest spaghetti string bakini dive off the high dive and when under water take off your bottom and top “loose” them and climb out nude (act shocked), this also works at your pool when there is company with you

  10. Carrie if you surf? Why not go surfing in a slingshot bikini! While out on your board you “accidently fall off in a wave”! You have the board, but the bikini falls off and floats away! So now you decide to swim and/or surf in the buff?!

  11. If you are taking a shower when you leave have a towel around your waist and no top on so who ever you see first will see your breast good luck

  12. I say you should wait until its a windy day and where a light airy dresss with nothing under it and sugest that everybody goes outside and run around and presto

  13. Put on a nice dress with some enticing lingerie. Go into the pool fully clothed and slowly strip as you swim around.

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