First Time Skinny Dipping

Chris sent in this story about his very first time skinny dipping, under risky circumstances:

Growing up we were never able to have a pool because it wasn’t allowed in our town. There was a public pool, and I did work out a way to break in to skinny dip when I was around 13, but I never did.

Anyway, around the same age I had never skinny dipped before but really wanted to. I slept naked, hung out around the house naked (when I was alone and would be for a awhile), and at night when I was alone took out the garbage and sat outside naked. I think at heart I am a self-conscious nudist.

My cousin, I’ll call him “Bill,” had an above ground pool that if I was standing went up to around my stomach at that age. Well, Bill and his family went to the Grand Canyon for a week vacation and told me and my brother the pool was open for us.

Since I was very fit and fast for that age, I would go running. I told my mom that I was going to go running and I wouldn’t be home for a few hours. When I got to Bill’s house I checked on everything. The house sitter had work, my female cousins had a party, and my brother was at camp. The only person who could’ve randomly walked in on me was my other guy cousin but he was rarely around.

I walked in and closed the gate. I peeked over the fence. They had a corner house, so I mostly only had to worry about one house and a small section of street. I pulled off my shoes, socks, shirt, cap, and shorts. I didn’t go commando even though I did that a lot, because I was scared. I could feel my pulse getting higher and pounding. I dropped my underwear and felt so liberated to be standing in the backyard in daylight naked, my penis breathing freely.

There was one more obstacle. Since the pool was above ground, I would have to use a ladder to get in that would expose me to both the neighbors and the street. I could have slithered over the wall but that would’ve been too boring.

I peeked over to the neighbors. Clear. I looked to the streets. Clear. So I ran up the steps and without hesitating launched my nude body into the cool water. I swam for a while, sunbathed quickly, and than I decided to start jumping in. I kept doing it, and then right before I did my umpteenth jump the neighbor spotted me. He was middle-aged, but at least he was a he. The second I saw him I dropped, and he came over to the fence. I was right under him, but he was too short to crane his neck to see me.

Since Bill and I look kind of alike, he asked if I was Bill. I didn’t know what to say. If I said yes, he would leave me alone but might mention it to Bill who would know it was me. If I said no, I thought it might lead to the cops. So I said in a deep voice to match Bill’s, “Please don’t ever mention this again.” He agreed and laughed. Then he made a joke that he didn’t see how I could fit into my underwear, and walked away.

I kept skinny dipping my whole life since then. I even went again that week.

I still love skinny dipping and have more stories to share if they’re wanted! Whether it’s being caught, nude beach, hotel, or more, I like to consider myself a skinny dipping expert.

Well, it’s always great to hear from experts! Feel free to send in more.


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