First Time Skinny Dipping – CAUGHT

We have a story submitted Gavin (female):

I live in a private community where we have a workout room and a pool. The pool and the workout room are right next to each other so I watch the beautiful pool and scenery out the workout room window. My neighborhood is filled with old, retired people who usually never come out of their house, let alone go to the pool.

After a 2 hour workout, one day I noticed nobody was in the pool as usual. I have always heard that skinny dipping was on people’s “bucket list” but it never crossed my mind to try it. There are cameras at the pool but I never saw anybody check them.

I quickly made my way to the pool and started taking off my shirt. I became a little cautious since I have never done anything like this before. I then took off my yoga pants and was standing there in my underwear. I approached the pool, very quickly took off my bra and underwear and dove in.

I swam around for a few minutes until I got comfortable and even got out of the pool to dive of one of the stones! I was having the time of my life until the president of the community came by to check out the pool.

The community president is very nosy as some old people are. He lives across the street from the pool but I never realized he patroled the pool. So there I was, bare naked in the pool as he was opening the gate to the pool. I tried to ignore him for a few minutes as he was also trying to figure out what was going on. He eventually came over to me and asked if I was naked. In my best casual voice I said that I was. He told me the obvious rule that bathing suits are needed at all times. He said I would need to get out of the pool and if he ever saw me doing this again he would call the police.

I did a cliché rise out of the water. I bent down a little over exaggerated to pick up my clothes that were lying right in front of him. I told him my clothes were wet and that I would change inside the bathroom (the workout room has a bathroom.) He agreed and walked back home.

When the coast was clear, I flew out the gate and ran naked all the way home. I would soon realize my love for being naked and began going to work out naked. Luckily I never saw him again!!

Great story! It sounds like your hooked!



  1. like your story.

  2. I had a similar experience. I began walking nude from my condo to the recreation area which is down four flights of steps then swimming laps in the pool. I was seen by a condo resident looking out of her window. The next day I had taped to my door, a section of the condo rules circled many times in ballpoint pen as if the person was angry when they circled it that swimsuits are required in the pool. I figured if I went way early in the morning like at 3:30 AM, I would be safe so I continued my routine. I went away for a weekend and when I returned, I found a formal letter from the condo association saying if women or children saw me, they would be violated and that if I did not cease doing this, they would call the police. Yes that was 20 years ago and I was scared straight. I still skinny-dip but never in our condo pool.

  3. My friend Lisa and I were about 14 years old at that time. Lisa and I walked to a area along a creek where we had gone swimming many times. We both were wearing 2 pice swimsuits and blue jeans shorts. We were strip down to our swimsuit. We got to daring each other to take off our tops. We did. Then our bottoms. We both went skinny dipping. Then we laying out sun tanning nude. We began daring each other to walk naked to that tree like 50 feet away. Then we began walking along the creek to gather nude to see who chickens out first. We got to a cross road. We both call it a tie. We walked back to our clothing and we began hearing voices. 4 boys found our clothing. And took it and left. Lisa and I were about 4 miles from home. We had to walk home naked. We got back to that road cross it naked. Plus one state highway. We set watching until we had a clearance of traffic and running like hell. To the other side. Thank god our home were at the edge of town. We get home there a extra key hidden so Lisa and I can get in and get dressed. This is not the end of the story. We did not know the boys were hidden in the woods. And had a camera and took photos of us running nude in the woods. And they must know where we lived. About 2 weeks later we both got letters from unknown people telling us to go to a website. There we are walking in the woods naked as J-Birds. For the whole world to see. To this day I don’t know who took or posted the photos. Now above 5 years later when I turn 19. I did pose nude for a magazine in California. I did enjoy that.

  4. One thing about cell phones now always risk someone might take a pic. Just sad i mean if i happen to see someone naked swimming or in the woods i would just admire it i would not shame people and blast photos for the world to see that is just me i guess.

  5. Bob kelling says

    I like just being nude as much as I can . Never been caught but I think it might be exciting or maybe they would joy in .
    I wish people would not think being nude has anything to do with sex . It just feels great when you swimming nude .

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