First Time Skinny Dipping with Female Friend

John sent this story about his first time, which sounds like a magical time:

I had never skinny dipped before, but I’ve been wanting to for quite some time. The weather was really nice and it was about 4 pm and I called a female friend (I’m male) and asked if she would like to go the beach with me and have a barbecue or something. She asked if we were going to swim but I said no.

So we went to the beach, had dinner and a bottle of wine, and we were just enjoying the sun. When the sun was low and the beach got really quiet I asked if she would like to go for a swim. She said she didn’t bring her bikini since I said we would not go swimming. I didn’t have my trunks with me either so I said maybe we could go skinny dipping. She was hesitant but said it was alright if I would go.

I took of my clothes right in front of her but removed my boxers in the water because I did not want her to think that my intentions were sexual. After I had said how nice it was, the feeling of the water against your naked body and how free it felt, she took of her clothes as well and we swam naked for about an hour.

Of course you look at each other naked, but I think that is only natural. She looked really good and I caught her looking at my crotch a few times but there was no sexual tension at all. We just had so much fun playing in the water in the sunset. When we got out of the water we decided to stay naked and let ourselves dry while having another glass of wine.

This girl and I have a mutual group of friends. The next day we decided to go with this group and convince them to go skinny dipping as well. It is a lot easier to convince them when a boy and girl both do it. So now we go skinny dipping with this group of friends about every week and it is just so much fun. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for sharing that, John! It’s nice to share something special with a friend.


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