First Time Skinny Dipping

Adam sends this story about what can go wrong skinny dipping:

I always wanted to experience skinny dipping so i told my parents that i was going down to the lake to chill. Little did they know i was going to do something else!

I walked down to the lake and then looked around to see if anybody was around, and then started taking of all my clothes. I hid them in a tree close to me and I jumped right in. It was fun and i really enjoyed it, feeling the water all over me.

But then I looked to were I hid my clothes and there was a old women sitting there. She looked like she was going to fish. So I just thought I would sit there for awile until she left. But my mom had said she wanted me home soon. IĀ figured i would just have to get my clothes from the woman.

So I swam over and told the woman I was naked and my clothes were in the tree right next to you. She said ok. I tried to hide my junk and just walked out fully naked. But she was staring at me and I said sorry for this. She said just go home before anyone else sees you naked.

So I put on my clothes and fledĀ home.

If only all encounters with strangers could be so uneventful, Adam! Thanks for sharing your story.





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