First Time Skinny Dipping Story

Hi Everyone – Jen here! I got a short story from a friend of mine and thought I’d post it for everyone:

Hey Jen, here’s my story. It’s only my first time skinny dipping but I thought I’d send it to you for your website. I didn’t do much but it was pretty thrilling for me.

I was staying overnight at my friend Jenna’s house. They have a pool and it was night time. We were both out there swimming for a while. We were the only people at her house. Her parents and little brother were out of town. Her boyfriend called after we had been swimming a while. They started to get into a fight, so Jenna left the backyard for a little more privacy with her phone call, which left me out there all alone. I was enjoying the water and it was great.

A few minutes went by and I thought, “what the heck.” I took off my bikini top and started swimming around. It felt really great being so free. I let my top float in the water as I swam around. I really loved the feeling.

I saw Jenna moving around in the house, so I put my top back on. I didn’t want her to know what I was doing. She came out a few minutes later and I was hoping that I didn’t have a guilty look on my face but she was preoccupied with the fight she was just in, so she didn’t notice if I did.

So, again, I didn’t do much but it was thrilling for me. Maybe I’ll do more the next time I get the chance.



  1. Sometimes it’s thrilling…but that great feeling of freedom is there every time! Reminds me of sneaking into my neighbor’s pool to skinnydip!

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