First Time Skinny Dipping Story

Hi Everyone – Jen here! I got a short story from a friend of mine and thought I’d post it for everyone:

Hey Jen, here’s my story. It’s only my first time skinny dipping but I thought I’d send it to you for your website. I didn’t do much but it was pretty thrilling for me.

I was staying overnight at my friend Jenna’s house. They have a pool and it was night time. We were both out there swimming for a while. We were the only people at her house. Her parents and little brother were out of town. Her boyfriend called after we had been swimming a while. They started to get into a fight, so Jenna left the backyard for a little more privacy with her phone call, which left me out there all alone. I was enjoying the water and it was great.

A few minutes went by and I thought, “what the heck.” I took off my bikini top and started swimming around. It felt really great being so free. I let my top float in the water as I swam around. I really loved the feeling.

I saw Jenna moving around in the house, so I put my top back on. I didn’t want her to know what I was doing. She came out a few minutes later and I was hoping that I didn’t have a guilty look on my face but she was preoccupied with the fight she was just in, so she didn’t notice if I did.

So, again, I didn’t do much but it was thrilling for me. Maybe I’ll do more the next time I get the chance.



  1. Sometimes it’s thrilling…but that great feeling of freedom is there every time! Reminds me of sneaking into my neighbor’s pool to skinnydip!

  2. Talking one night about our “early days” when we’d first started dating in high school, the subject of skinny dipping came up. No, we never did that together (MUCH to my chagrin), but she did admit to swimming topless with her friend at her friend’s pool up the street. They were fourteen so I missed the event by one year. But given my wife’s upbringing, I suspect I wouldn’t have been invited, anyway. One of the great disappointments of my life. Sigh….

  3. baby steps

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