First Trip to Nude Beach

Richard sends this quick note about his first time to a nude beach:

Today I went to a nude beach for the first time.

There were many steps that you had to go down to get the beach. As I continue to go down the stairs, I began to get nervous. Even though I saw the signs saying “clothing optional beach ahead” I still wasn’t sure until I reached the beach.

I saw many of the people on the beach were nude. I went to the toilets and undressed and then walked out on to a beach completely nude for the first time. I walked around the beach looking at the other nudists on the beach. Not starring, just looking as if I was on a normal beach.

There was one thing that I found strange: many of the kids were wearing swimsuits.

Thanks for sharing that! I’m glad that there weren’t too many more steps to go down!

– Jen

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