I invited my bestfriend to my cottage this year for a week, and we are making a huge list of things we want to do there, like: catch fireflies in a jar, skinny dipping, sit on the roof and talk, go fishing, go canoeing, etc.
We need some CRAZY and FUN things to do there to finish off our list.
Please be creative.. but nothing too dangerous or risky.
THANKS!!! <3


  1. you could do a trust walk. blindfold your friend, spin her around and lead her somewhere. let her try to guess where she is from what she can hear, feel and smell. change roles after 10-20 minutes.

  2. can take photos..create your own photo shoot! You can make a mini scrapbook with the photos later! Good memories. Go on a hike…paint rocks….bring breads up and make braclets and anklets..
    Just have lots of fun! You are at a cottage!

  3. As well as Sonja’s great suggestion, you could do:

    > Blindfolded makeovers
    > Blindfolded dressing (one of you blindfolds the other then piles up some clothes, the blindfolded one then has to find an outfit the other chooses
    > Food tasting & other item identifying whilst blindfolded

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