Getting Mom’s permission

Chris sent in this great story of learning through the power of skinny dipping…and the lesson was all Chris’s:

It had been a couple weeks since I had been caught skinny dipping in the pool. I didn’t think it was a big deal but I don’t think Mom was cool with the idea of me running around naked in the backyard. I had wanted to do it again but felt like I should probably get some sort of permission. I asked her if I could go swimming and she said of course. I quickly added the naked part and she gave a look. She said fine.

As I began to head out the back door she said she would have to be there since it was unsafe to swim alone. I froze. I was okay alone but really didn’t want anyone around. Mom always had trouble telling me no but was great at getting me to do what she wanted.

I took a chance and told her okay. Once outside I could tell she really wasn’t liking the idea. I was standing by her wearing nothing but a beach towel as she was sitting in a deck chair. “Well there’s the pool,” she said matter of factly. She was hoping I’d chicken out, I’m sure. I turned away from her and built up my courage and dropped the towel. She let out a little sigh as I dashed in the pool. It was amazing. I didn’t feel embarrassed since she only saw my butt and couldn’t see anything from where she was sitting.

Eventually my shyness went away. I stopped wearing the towel and just went from my room to outside nude. Mom told me one day she didn’t have time to play lifeguard so I just stayed nude in the living room. This pushed her to say something. She told me she wasn’t thrilled about my lack of clothes and said I should be more considerate. I argued that it was fine and it wasn’t like I was around strangers. Things got pretty heated and I wound up grounded.

Now a smart kid would do what their mom says but me in my great wisdom decided to fight back. I started getting naked whenever I got home. I would get dressed when she would say something but would do it again later; this got me quickly grounded. Mom was good at discipline but rarely used physical punishment.

About a week passed and I was in my room and mom came in and asked if I wanted to get in the pool. I was a little stunned that I was going to be ungrounded. I of course said yes and tried to play off that I was excited that I had won. She asked if I was going to wear a suit and I told her “of course not!” Once at the pool I sat on the edge and eased myself in, enjoying my victory. Little did I know it would be short-lived.

Mom asked how the water was as I began to swim around. I told her it was great. She then mentioned she would get in as she walked to the pool edge. I turned and saw she was completely naked. I immediately faced away from her and asked what she was doing? She told me if I could do it she could too.

I kept facing away from her as I heard her get in the pool. She began to float around and I kept avoiding her. She asked me what was wrong and before I could answer she had pulled me under the water. I came back up and face to face with her. I quickly faced away again and she knocked me under again. I came up again and told her to stop. I pulled away before she could do it again.

Now my frustration beat my embarrassment and I tried to push her under the water. We went on like this for a bit till I realized just how weird this was. I think Mom realized this too and was covering her chest with her arm. I knew she couldn’t see me under the water but felt the need to cover up. I told her I knew she was trying to embarrass me to do what she wanted and I said it worked. She laughed and said it was a bit extreme. I told her I understand what she meant about being considerate. She said she didn’t mind so long as I learned my lesson. I told her it seemed like we should hug but really didn’t want to. We both had a good laugh.

From then on I was more conservative around the house but not so much around the pool.

Ah, revenge is best served…in a pool? I’m glad your mom wasn’t my mom; I never would have gotten away with what I was able to!

Chris, well done! We get a lot of great stories here, but its’ rare that I enjoy any as much as this.



  1. Least you got to enjoy skinny dipping. Not end of world if mom sees your butt in the pool.

  2. Well, this was my second read on this site (I just found it today by chance, thanks to DuckDuckGo). And this story was as well written as the first one I read. What a pleasure to find a site with literate content (not to mention such a great core theme)! Thank you!

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