Getting Too Reckless

Dana is a bold skinny dipper, and sent in this story of one time going just a bit too far:

When I was young, I would get naked any chance I got. House to myself? Getting naked. Bedroom to myself? Sleeping naked. Swimming alone? That bathing suit was coming off. Sometimes I would even get bold enough to tan naked. It was always such a rush, every time. But what was almost more exciting was doing it while being sneaky. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been swimming with other people and pulled down my bottoms for like just a second without them noticing. So much fun.

It got to a point where one time, I was staying at my aunt’s house for the weekend, and decided to try skinny dipping in her pool while people were still in the house, which I had definitely never done before. The idea got me super excited. I went outside clothed, with my bikini in hand to change in her enclosed outdoor shower (which was standard practice for me, just an excuse to briefly get naked outside). Then, with my bikini on, I got in the pool and started swimming around like normal. Then I swam up against the side of the pool closest to the house so no one could see below my shoulders and pulled off my bottoms. It had begun. I dove below the water and took my top off. It was such an incredible rush, just like every time before.

I spent a lot of time swimming underwater close to the bottom of the pool, again so nobody could see me from the house. But as I’m coming up for the last time, I see one of my guy cousins getting in the pool and swimming towards my end of the pool! I panicked, swam to the side of the pool closest to the house, grabbed my bikini that I had left floating there, and put it on as fast as I could. My cousin had reached my end of the pool, and I had no idea what to do about the awkward tension so I just waved at him. He awkwardly waved back, I got out of the pool, and we never spoke of it.

But after I went inside, my aunt says to me “Did your swimsuit fall off? I just saw your bare little butt in the pool.” I was petrified and just fled to the room I was staying in and didn’t come out till the next day. I was so incredibly embarrassed, but in retrospect, it’s such a fun memory and I think about it all the time.

I’m glad it’s a good memory, Dana! Did you ever compare notes with your aunt or cousin?



  1. Great story about how the urge to be nude can make you do the darndest things! Stay naked!

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