Good DARE's for all girl sleepover?

We need some GOOOD dares for our sleepover! We have two nights to do them ALL(From answerer of our choice)! We will not do, public nudity, any screaming or yelling, skinny dipping(FAR TO COLD FOR THAT), child’s play (such as " Like your foot")… We are VERY daring!!! And we are BEST friends we can go to the ex-stream we trust one a nother 100% And please NO truths!
Also it’s just 2 girls! we have other girls there but sleepover is really just us


  1. I got a long list of dares you can use, they’re all found at Dare Night –

    The catch here is that you have to take photographic proof and then upload them to the website, then if you’re on facebook then you can tag your friends in the pictures.

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