Good Use of an ATV

One more story from PAV:

I live in a rural area and I discovered a spot one day that is somewhat close to a large river. I took my ATV and decided to go exploring to try and find a trail to the water between some trees.

Now this was a fairly remote spot with no homes around or easy access but you could tell that there was evidence that people frequented the area. I planned to check out the spot further and soon it became a weekly visit at the end of the day.

As the spring progressed into the summer, it became very hot in this area with temps in the low 100s which tempted me into the water.

Now I am not a river person and I kind of fear bodies of water like this but it was so hot and I am filthy at the end of the day riding my ATV with sweat and dirt stuck to me everywhere. I work up the nerve to strip down but I keep my boxers on initially. I would cautiously enter the water and work my way in slowly since even though it was hot out the contrast of the cool water was shocking.

Once I became adjusted, I would slip my boxers off, holding them while bobbing up down and washing myself. It feels incredible to be naked in the water especially in such a beautiful place during the day. Sometimes I would put my boxers back on before leaving the water but most times I would just walk back naked to my ATV under the trees and air dry. Second to the incredible feeling of being naked in the water is being naked dripping wet while air drying, as you walk the light breeze whipping all around your body and a part of you bouncing all over as you walk.

One day, while I’m out in the water, I notice someone coming up the shoreline from down river and I awkwardly pull my wet boxers on and start to make my way out of the water back to my ATV. As I’m doing this I see that it’s a lady walking with her head down but she sees me for sure and, as she gets closer ,she comments on the water and me swimming. We exchange small talk and I realize that my wet boxers are clinging to me but she doesn’t seem to notice or care. All that I can think about is how long did she see me before I saw her. I ask what she’s looking for and she says drift wood for around her home.

I’m now standing sort of behind my ATV and my plan is to remove my wet boxers and put on my dry cargo shorts that are hanging on the handle bars. She’s looking down, she still doesn’t seem to be glancing in my direction and I feel protected a little by the ATV so I just pull them down and sort of ungracefully remove them while reaching for my shorts. It hits me that I’m standing here naked just a few feet from some gal and I put them on as quickly as I can which is tough since I’m still dripping wet. We then say goodbye to each other and she heads off in another direction.

It was a crazy encounter and I have yet to run into another person at this site.

Well then it sounds like you have a pretty decent spot to use to go skinny dipping when you want – congrats!


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