Gradual Nudity

Sidney sent in this story about her gradual move into skinny dipping:

I’m 19, living with my parents. We have a backyard pool we rarely use, but I’ve taken up swimming in it lately. About two weeks ago, I decided to take my top off as I swim. Now, my parents aren’t strict about nudity, but they wouldn’t be happy if I would swim naked.

The next day, I took everything off and skinny dipped 100%. I never realized how great it feels. The water on your skin, ALL of your skin.

Then, the day after that, I experiment more. I jump into the pool naked, and do naked handstands underwater.

Just the other day, I went to the extreme thus far. I wore only a towel. Nothing more. No suit at all. I place my towel by the pool, have my swim. Leave. I wrap the towel on my head, and head in, strutting through the living room naked. My mom sees, and says “I bet you’re naked because you’re getting in that shower…right?” I told her I am. Skinny dipping is so fun!

Thanks, Sidney! Good to know that sometimes mothers DO understand!



  1. love your story, skinny dipping is amazing and fun. I will share my 1st time soon as its amazing and enjoyable to just be naked and free in a body of water. the risk of being caught also drives up the thrill and the risk.

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