Have you ever been skinny dipping?


  1. brat71825 says

    yep, when I was younger

  2. applechick282 says

    No, but if I had my own pool, I probably would.

  3. whitetrashwithmoney says

    several times. you?

  4. yeah,. a whole group of us. each with their partners. at midnight, full moon. it was AWESOME

  5. stinkybeardedclams says

    Lots of times

  6. Yes, many times. In lakes, the Pacific Ocean, and several swimming pools. Much, much nicer than wearing a swimsuit!

  7. oaksterdamhippiechick says

    Oh yes, and I loved it!

    Last time I went skinny dipping was in the Eel River in Humboldt County (Northern California). It felt really good to be in such intimate contact with nature!

    Of course, it’s hard to go skinny dipping in the city, but I’ve actually been topless paddleboating at Lake Merritt in Oakland *wink*

  8. Yup, and good stuff, fun times :))

  9. yes, and i recommend it wholeheartedly. it gives you a feeling of freedom like nothing else. it might be hard if you’re a shy person, but everybody has what you have under your swimming suit. enjoy!

  10. Yes…Yes i have… It was so very cold.. So much lost.

  11. I have very rarely skinny dipped, and when I have it is normaly been on my own or with female friends. I swim topless almost all the time, alone or with friends – male and female. Normally in my backyard pool. I love swimming topless, and love having no tan lines on my chest. And hanging out with friends is better than being alone.

  12. Unclepollywog says

    Yup Started in middle school and still do at 70. Every chance I had I was without swimsuit in the water. Summer time on the boat cruising naked day time and night time then in the water. Sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. 6 sailing trips to Caribbean and no clothes. Count the day lost if you can’t experience something new. Skinny dipping should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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