Have you ever gone Skinny Dipping ???

when did you Skinny Dipping?
were you nervous ?
who did you Skinny dip with ?
where did you skinny dip ?
what time of the day was it ?
would you go Skinny Dipping again ? Or How Often do you dip ?


  1. I have been skinny dipping all of my life.
    I grew up with parents who skinny dip. The whole family does.

    We have a log cabin on the Illinois river and we skinny dip at night.

    My parents also had a swimming pool years ago and they threw parties out by the pool. Some of their friends would strip and jump in.

    Later on, I started throwing parties and a lot of my friends and I would skinny dip. This was always at night but in the morning there were always people still out there in the pool butt naked. It was hilarious.

    Once, while in college, me and my friends went to a near by lake about 10 at night and went skinny dipping. There was a fool moon and we had a blast.

    Now I have a pool and I skinny dip but I do it alone. If I throw a party, I might do it again. I don’t know.

  2. nope never went

  3. Trout Fishy says

    Last summer
    No, i was drunk at the time, jk jk. i wasn’t nervous.

    my gf

    in a pool
    Heck yeah.

  4. melanie m says

    probably once or twice.

  5. bartendalot says

    Very fun…

    Did it with the girlfriend at night in the ‘rents pool. Only problem was it made my package pretty unimpressive. Best to do with someone close

  6. AnimeLover4444 says

    yes I have about a year ago
    don’t seem to remember
    don’t remember where either
    don’t have any idea what time it was, it was dark though
    yes of course
    I had just fallen of my skateboard when I did this so I have no recollection of most of it I just know I did it.

  7. It was mid-June. Yes, I was nervous. My boyfriend at the time. My house-I live on a lake. It was nighttime. Yes, I would most definitely go again. I go once or twice a year-when I’m feeling naughty.

  8. Sure. I wasn’t nervous because I was with my wife. We were swimming in our pool in our backyard. There were bushes around the pool. It was just after sunset. We did it two to three times a week during the summers for two years.

  9. I went for the first time a few years ago at a reservoir with my sisters haha
    the water was like not clear so we werent worried about anyone seeing us and we were like 12 or something im 16 now.
    it was broad daylight
    and i would do it again it was fun. 🙂
    we made up a code for it

    haha we were just having fun

  10. banananose_89117 says

    Sure did, in my backyard pool and only hubby and the birds to watch me

  11. Aztec Warrior says

    No, But It’s On My "To-Do" List!!!

  12. ~*Squeak*~ says

    yes I have
    the beginning of April 2007(age 12)
    a little but not really
    in Caleb’s pool
    2 in the morning
    that was my first time

  13. nope

  14. nikepop25 says

    i skinny dip wherever theres water.lol
    and i do it all the time
    it was fun and i wasnt nervous.
    i dont care to be naked. i do it day or night. lol
    ITS FUN!!!

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