help with a scavenger hunt list?

I’m organising a camping trip with some friends and one of the activities through the week is a scavenger hunt but I’m having trouble coming up with ideas so far we have:
Photo of a stranger who looks like a ‘twin’ of one of the tram members, team member must be in the photo as well.
A receipt for exactly
Photo of a team mate hugging a stranger
Gift certificate to a porn shop
Photo of a street sign related to a team member
Get a strangers number
Photo of a team member kissing a stranger
Photo of a team member doing something a sign says
Photo of a team member taking a shot
An empty bottle of ____
Photo of a hitch hiker
Video of team member stealing an item of clothing off a clothes line
Photo of team member skinny dipping in someone else’s pool

any suggestions are welcome?


  1. Photo of team member in a public fountain fully clothed

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