Her First Time

Michael sent in this story of his girlfriend’s first time:

My fiancé had just turned eighteen and I was twenty-four. It was a hot night in California. Five of us, three girls and two guys, were looking to cool off. Somebody suggested hopping the fence at the High School and my shy girlfriend reluctantly agreed as it was her first time. The other couple, both eighteen, had been dating for years and would be married a year later. The single girl was my future wife’s next door neighbor. They had been friends all through high school.

I worked in a factory in the next county over, which had an unexpected impact on the night. Months earlier, I got stopped by the sheriff near my workplace for a burned-out tail light. I got a fix-it ticket, which meant no fine if I proved correction within ten days. I got it fixed and took the paperwork to the police station in that town. Unfortunately, the town police did nothing because it was a county ticket. I thought it was clear but the county put out a warrant after ten days.

Back to the summer night in our county, we drove down to the school, climbed a fence and all stripped under a full moon. When we hopped in the pool, we left our clothes near the fence. We enjoyed the cool water for about fifteen minutes, until we were interrupted by the local police. Two policemen stood between us and the pile of clothes, and told us were being detained for trespassing. We were told to get out of the water as they questioned us. They seemed to enjoy the spectacle of the three eighteen year old girls, who shivered as they vainly tried to cover themselves with their arms crossed.

Each of the girls was questioned at length while the cops ran the plates on our two cars. Mine came back with a bail warrant on the fix-it ticket that was outstanding. I was allowed to dress as I was put into the back of the squad car. The teens were made to listen to a lecture for another ten minutes about how they were getting a break this time and not being hauled in, also. Of course the girls were on display the whole time.

After I was taken to the local jail at midnight, my four fellow skinny dippers spent the next few hours calling friends to collect enough cash to post my fine, so I could be released. My girlfriend was so embarrassed that she never went skinny dipping ever again. We have been married forty-three years and it still bothers her to talk about it.

LOL! That is too funny! (Although the police’s behavior was a bit abusive; I don’t like that.) Well, Michael, I’m glad that the experience didn’t sour your wife on you!


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