Hot Day

PAV sent in this silty story of skinny dipping in the heat:

I’ve done a fair bit of skinny dipping this summer so far.  To be honest most of my chances to do so are limited but I take advantage when I can.  This time I’ll tell you about skinny dipping today in 103 degree heat.

I found a new spot on a river to swim.  There’s a completely sheltered area on this section of river surrounded by big rocks and it makes a lagoon.  I quickly stripped down to my boxers and waded into the water.  It’s a nice silty bottom which feels great to walk in bare foot.  The contrast in temperatures is a shock but I quickly acclimate.

After bobbing around a bit and checking my surroundings I slip off my boxers and just have at it.  I’m swimming all over in neck deep water and walking up silty banks, lying down in the shallow water.  Sitting in the silt felt strange but it was all good, I’d get dirty and then swim and get clean again.  The water temperature was great except that one part of me was not agreeing.  My junk never really woke up after the initial dip and I was shrunk up like a 12 year old boy.  I got out of the water and stood in the sun for a bit thinking that would warm me up but nope, my balls looked like a couple prunes the whole time.

I’ll divulge one more tidbit that will be hard for the girls to relate to, but back in the water I rolled back my foreskin and wow a blast of coolness all around the head.

Anyway, it was a great time and I had the whole place to myself so air drying on the beach was part of the deal.

Hmm, some interesting benefits to heat…and other stuff. Thanks for sharing your story!


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