Hot Tub Party

Alice sent in this fun memory of college times:

Once, in college, I was at a party with about two dozen other people at a house that had an outdoor hot tub. The host told us all to bring swimsuits, but it quickly became apparent that most people had not. I had brought a bikini, and after I put it on to get in the hot tub, nobody was willing to get in since they all forgot to bring their swimsuits.

I half-jokingly suggested to one of them to go naked, but they replied that they didn’t want to just take their clothes off at a party. So I said screw it, pulled off my bikini and got in the hot tub butt naked, even though I was the only one who actually remembered a swimsuit!

And of course, now that someone was already naked, everyone took off their clothes and got in with me. Soon, there were like a dozen naked people crowding together in this tiny hot tub. It was super fun, but it was really crowded, and a couple people got the wrong idea and started having sex in the hot tub. Most of us left the tub once that started happening, but we still hung out naked for the rest of the night. What a crazy party!

Ah, spontaneous skinny dipping! Probably the most fun kind, I think. Thanks, Alice!



  1. should attend your hot tub parties 🙂

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