Hot Tub Skinny Dip on Ski Trip

Here’s a hot story we got from Jeremy:

Ok, so we planned this ski trip. We were able to rent this small cottage that slept about 12. There were 10 of us on the trip – mostly couples. Well, there were 4 couples. I was single and then there were 3 single girls, too. Since I was the single guy on the trip, I was put on the couch in the basement which had a fold out bed. It wasn’t bad. It was plenty warm and the hot tub was right next to the bed practically. The bed could have been more comfortable, though.

We got there the first night, settled in and everyone went to bed. The next day, we all skied all day. We had a few drinks at the ski resort and then came back for dinner. Each couple took a meal or two, so we had plenty to eat there (sorry for the boring details but it’s my story!). After dinner, we played a game and were starting to drink some more again. Finally, a bunch of us decided to hit the hot tub!

I got changed in my “room” and got the tub ready. I turned it on, got it heated up and got the bubbles going. I then got more drinks so that we were pretty stocked up down there. Pretty soon, people started coming down. There were just 4 of us down there. One couple, one of the single girls and me. We talked and joked and drank. It was a lot of fun. This went on for a while and we were getting pretty buzzed.

One thing that always seems to come up when there’s a hot tub and snow is the run outside in the snow and then run back in to the hot tub. So we did that. It kind of burned – wow! It was fun though. You sort of bond with each other when you do that, so I was starting to get to know the single girl, Stephanie, a bit. Awesome. She was cute and had a nice, tanned body.

After more drinking, we decided to do it again but naked! (butt naked – ha!) Ok, so the plan was that we all take off our suits in the hot tub, get out, go outside and roll around in the snow, then come back in to the hot tub again – and presumably put our suits back on. We did that. Someone fell over but they were ok. We came back in and the couple put their suits back on but Stephanie and were apparently comfortable without out swimsuits on – sweet!

Our suits were floating around the hot tub and when her top came by, I grabbed it and threw it out of the hot tub. She then found my trunks and did the same. The hunt was on for her bikini bottoms! We couldn’t find them but searching for them was fun – naked bodies moving around with a little grabbing here and there. They were nowhere to be found. Weird. It turned out that the girl of that couple (Julie) had them and she stuck them in her bikini bottoms. Stephanie figured that out and then was trying to untie Julie’s bikini bottoms. Thank God she was successful. Pretty soon, she went after Julie’s top and got that, too. Wow, she had a rack! Julie was tan, too but had some tan lines. Oh well, I don’t care with a rack like that.

Pretty soon we were all sitting there naked in the hot tub and the other two single girls came down with their suits on and towels around themselves. They walked in, saw us all and pretty quickly put together that we were all naked. One of them decided that she would at least take her top off, so she did that before she even got it. It was getting nice and crowded, too.

OK, it get better! Read on.

We told the two new girls about how we ran outside naked in the snow and we said that they had to do it, too. They weren’t sure, so I said I’d do it again, too. They agreed. They took off the rest of their bikinis (one girl already had her top off, as I mentioned – oh, and they both were pretty hot) and we all three went outside and rolled in the snow.

We got up to come back in and the door was locked! All three of us are outside, naked and inside we can see them all laughing at us. We were cold! We just rolled in the snow! They were not going to let us in, so we had no choice but to huddle together for warmth. Yeah! Me and these two hot chicks had to all huddle together. I ended up with my arms around them. Not a bad situation. I don’t want to get too graphic here but people’s hands started doing some things. We were out there like 4 minutes. It felt like an eternity in the cold but the way we stayed warm was really fun.

They did let us in and they were waiting inside with some towels for us but we all jumped into the hot tub again.

It was a great first night. Maybe I’ll send in more about what happened the last night if you want me to.

Yes, we want you to!



  1. Yes tell us about the last night!

  2. please tell us about the last night

  3. tell us about the last night

  4. tell us about the last night!!!

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