Hotel Pool Skinny Dip – Twice!

Here’s one from Ken who got daring at a hotel pool:

Well, I was staying at a downtown hotel this summer and it was a very slow day. I checked into my room and went down to the pool on the sixth floor.

I first walked around and checked to see if there were any cameras around. There were none so I decided to be a little daring.

I went into the restroom in the pool area and took off my clothes. I then looked around to make sure no one was around. Then i dove into the pool. I had free reign in the pool area for over an hour. It was great.

The next morning before i checked out I went down again and the maintenance man was there. I asked the individual if I could skinny dip and he didn’t have a problem. So, after he left off with the clothes and in again. What a thrill!!!

I think people are going to want to know where that hotel pool is if it’s that easy. Thanks for the story!


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