Hotel Pool

I was once at a hotel pool at night and it was somewhat cool out but the water in the pool was warm, so I went back up to my room, got into my bikini and robe and then went down to the pool.

There was still nobody there. This hotel pool was great because it was in the back and there were no hotel room windows facing it at all. They must have added the pool after the place was built or something. It was even a little hard to find, so I knew I had some privacy. Since it was a Tuesday night, the place seemed pretty empty, too. Not many people were staying there. So, an ideal situation for skinny dipping, which I love to do.

I’m pretty smart about what kind of bikini I wear to go skinny dipping. I wear a bandeau top, which has no straps around my shoulders. When I’m swimming and just have my shoulders out of the water, you can’t tell if I have a suit on or not. Also, the bottoms have an elastic waist, so they are easy to slip on and off with no strings. I also don’t pick too dark of a color so that it’s too visible from above the water. Mine is a light yellow color – not very bright. I guess a skin colored bikini would be best but that would also look kind of strange.

I got into the water, swam for a few minutes and then decided it was time to be a little daring. There was only 1 light in the pool water, so the other side of the pool where I was, was somewhat dark – again, very ideal. I slipped off my bikini bottoms and put them in my hand. I swam around and it was great. I felt free. A minute later, I slid off my top and put it in my hand, too.

So far, so good but the ultimate thrill is not even having your suit in your hand or near by – so I got a bit more daring. Now, you guys out there have it easy – you can slip your shorts off easily and put them on easily if you have to. Having a two piece bikini makes that not so easy. It’s a bit more work to get two pieces back on and since they’re smaller, they get turned inside out and twisted more easily. I knew that if I was caught, then I’d be caught. There would be no scrambling and trying to pretend I wasn’t naked. I look good though and would figure that if anyone saw me, they wouldn’t mind too much. So next, I left my suit at the dark end of the pool and took a lap.

There was still nobody around, so I took another lap or two. Very cool. I felt great.

There was also a hot tub there, so I thought I’d go the next step. I grabbe my suit, looked around, saw nobody there and then got out of the pool naked, carrying my suit, found the button to start the hot tub and then jumped in. I was in there a minute and then decided I should be safe and put it back on. The bubbles sort of hide things, so it was easy to put my suit back on.

One other thought hit me – now, that I had been outside of the pool naked, I wonder if there are any security cameras on and did I just give some lucky security person a show. I looked around and didn’t see any, so what a relief!


  1. Just go for it i try it alot never gotten caught but i kind want to get caught

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