Hotel Skinny Dipping

Here’s a story from Tyler:

770_4515524This happened to me a few weekends ago. My sister, father and I were staying at a hotel together as we had traveled to another city for my sisters big soccer game. Unfortunately (well, depends how you look at it), our toilet in the bathroom had its tank leak, flooding our bathroom. For the inconvenience our nights stay was complimentary, and the maintenance guy would be there to fix it, but it would take a few hours to get the bathroom back to the way it should be.

Since we had time to kill, and we didn’t want to go anywhere as we had just arrived and needed a shower, we decided to go for a dip in the hotels pool, which the managers of the hotel agreed to open for us even though it was past operation hours, just that the change rooms were locked as the floors needed to finish drying as they had just been cleaned. We all looked at each other as we decided what to do in our room, and we agreed to head down to the pool… again looking at each other, awkwardly this time.

I decided to go first, so I started taking off my shirt, shorts, socks and got out my swim trunks. Moment of truth and I pulled off my underwear with both my dad and sister watching. Enjoying myself, I pretended to fumble with putting my leg in the leg hole of my swim trunks, until I started to feel myself get a bit aroused then I just finished putting them on.

It was then I realized I was the only one who had brought swim trunks (natural, as I swim). So then my sister and father just tore down to their underwear and grabbed a towel, and we all headed down together.

The pool was located such that you could only see in from a certain angle from the managers office area, as the only other entrance was through the change rooms. Since it was kind of awkward being the only one in the water, as my sister didn’t want to get her underwear wet, and my dad wasn’t a big fan of swimming in general, I suggested to my sister we could just skinny dip since we were all family anyways. She laughed, and said “yeah right, like you would want to.” So I hopped up on deck, and dropped my shorts and kicked em to the wall and jumped back in. I looked behind me to see my sister look at my dad who gave a hand gesture to the pool.

Next thing I know, my sisters breasts are bouncing and she’s stepping out of her thong, as she kicks it to my dad who is now the only clothed one. It looked like my dad was just going to be a stick in the mud, so me and my sister swim around together playing tag and diving under the water. I kept diving and pulling her legs down getting her under the water. I even went under the water, and put my head between her legs (not that way), and lifted her above the water on my shoulders to which she screamed and covered her boobs as I flung her backwards. She tried diving down and pulling me down also a few times, but she kept missing or just brushing me, until she decided to pull a fast one and pretend to grab at my leg to pull me down but instead grabbed me by the penis and pulled me down. This caused me to jump in surprise as she just kept pulling me down to the bottom of the pool. In that short time to get to the bottom of the pool, I had gone from just flopping around to being full on erect.

As luck would have it, that’s when the manager came in, and told us we would have to get out of the pool, as we were required to wear a swimsuit at all times in it. I hesitated at first, as my sister was climbing out of the pool, taking a very long time bent over (not helping the case any…) and even rubbing her breasts together when the manager asked me what was taking so long. I was about to make something up when my dad pulled me out from under the arms. Exposing my willie for everyone to see, even the front desk attendant who had come to see what all the fuss was about, and she smiled when she saw my wood pointing straight at her.

Sounds like you had a fun time – thanks for the story!



  1. Is your sister hot?

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