Hotel Skinny Dipping

We have a few stories people have sent in that are waiting to be posted but we got this one from Ashlynn (a 20 year old female) that we had to post right away:

pool-nude2OK, let me start off by saying I LOVE to skinny dip, partially because I like the feeling but also because I love being seen nude.

Most recently, I was staying at a hotel and after checking out the pool and hot tub, I went to my room, stripped butt naked and went down with only my towel. Let me say that I am not worried about someone seeing me or “getting caught” as I have done this many many times and the worst thing that has happened is for security to tell me to get dressed.

On this night, as I got to hot tub, I was the only person there and I promptly dropped my towel and got in nude. Even though I was alone in the tub, there were the windows of a lot of rooms that had full view of the pool and hot tub which was lit up. It was obvious to anyone looking that I was naked.

During the time I was in the hot tub, I noticed several people looking out their windows so I did my best to move in ways as to show them my tits, pussy and ass. After about an hour, I went back to the room (I didn’t even wrap in towel) and masturbated until I came hard!

Wow, that’s pretty daring. As long as there were no children around, then why not take the chance, right? Thanks for the story and send in any more that you have.



  1. Love the store needs to be longer

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