Houseboating with Friends

We go this story from Ricky a while back (from a female)…

My family owns a houseboat on a large lake in northern California. I’ve spent many long weekends on it over the years, sometimes skinny dipping, sometimes not, depending on who was with me. My very good friends, Carl and Gina, spent a lot of time out there with me. She had no problem with me being nude all the time but they never joined me. This went on for years.

Finally one evening, after dinner, I was lounging out back with a drink, enjoying the dusk light, with a sarong wrapped around me. Carl came out with a towel around his waist and asked me if I would be going for my usual evening dip. I said “you bet!” He said that he and Gina had talked about it at home and had decided to join me. Finally!

I stood up and removed my sarong, he dropped his towel and we both stood there naked. He told Gina that we were ready. She stepped out of the cabin with a towel around her waist. She was topless. And a little nervous.

She told us to go ahead and jump in. We did. We dog paddled a few feet from the deck while she stood there for a minute, then she turned around, dropped the towel, turned around to face us and jumped in. We all skinny dipped for about 15 minutes, climbing out and jumping back in multiple times. Then we all got out, toweled off, and relaxed for the evening. I had extra sarongs for everyone to wear as it cooled off a little bit, and Gina remained topless for quite awhile as it got dark.

The next morning, early, Carl and I headed out to go bass fishing for the morning, well before sunrise. We returned to the houseboat around 10 in the morning. Gina was kicking back on the rear deck when we returned and she was only wearing her sarong, around her waist. So much for her shyness. Within ten minutes we were all naked and remained so for the rest of the weekend.

Now when they join me on the houseboat they dont even bring swim suits! Converts!

Carl’s sister, Emma, had heard many stories about how fun our houseboat trips were so the next time she came into town for a visit Carl asked if we could go houseboating. I like Emma a lot so I said absolutely.

When we got out on the lake I do what I always do when a new female guest is on board. I asked her if she would be offended or embarrassed be me running around naked. She said that was fine. So off came my shorts. She took it in stride, but when Gina told her that she and Carl enjoyed skinny dipping, Emma was a little taken aback. She knew her brother as a fairly straight-laced guy, and Gina as fairly shy. But Emma just smiled and told them to go ahead and get naked. So they did.

It took a couple hours but Emma finally joined us and spent the entire weekend getting rid of tan lines. I really like Emma! And look forward to her yearly visits.

Everyone had fun and it sounds like you converted a few people… good job!



  1. Rick Johnson says

    That is such a nice story and reflects my growing up in a nudist fam. I would invite my friend over to swim in our pool. My Mom would ask his Mom if it was ok for us to swim and play nude. The answer was usually , yes, it sounds like fun for the boys. We always had a blast and I converted several close friends to the nude lifestyle.

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