How can I remove the censor box in The Sims 3?

I have had The Sims, The Sims 2 and not the Sims 3. I have the sims 3 base game and the sims 3 late night, and i want to remove the censor bar on the sims like when they take a shower and a bath or skinny dip. please help me out
please dont just leave a bunch of links like that
bc all the little pixiles get on my nerves that why i want to remove them and also after i see them for a little bit later i am still seeing them bc of how my eyes are


  1. CandyOmnomnom says

    This is the mod link:
    make sure to get the one right for your game
    u need to register, its free and has a bunch of nice stuff.

    1)Go to: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\
    2)Make a folder called "mods"
    3)Go to: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ Mods
    4) Make a folder called "packages"
    Place the mod in "packages"

    start your game, and it should work

  2. well im not sure but i dont think you can…there would be a reason the put a censor box..(not calling you a perv or anything) just saying

  3. maybe if you download some mods for sims 3 you could, but there is no way to do it in-game, and do you realize that nothing is behind the censor? plus i don’t know why you would want to but im not here to judge 🙂

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