How do I get one of my female friends to go skinny dipping with me?

We are both 16. We are family friends and we have known each other since we were 5, but I haven’t talked to her much lately. How do I get her to skinny dip with me?


  1. Love Canada says

    A nice fantasy, keep thinking about it

  2. Just try asking her to go hang out by the water somewhere at night. (This won’t work in a pool, because she’ll be too afraid of getting caught). Once you’re by the water, just bring it up like it’s a completely spur of the moment idea. Just say, let’s skinny dip! If she doesn’t act weird or grossed out, just start stripping and see if she follows!

  3. zippyzopzoop says

    Beer or wine either should work 🙂

  4. alicethetitan says

    Just mention it like it’s as casual as going to the movies. But if it makes her uncomfortable, don’t push it.

  5. guitarminstrelboy says

    haha yeah i agree with the guy who said it was a fantasy. unless she’s a slut she’s not going to, sorry.

  6. Just admit you would like to see her without her clothes,Just admit you are a teenage perve

  7. Mr. Chamberlain says

    first get her high sumhow then u tell her 2 cum skinny dipping witu

  8. geminigirl2020 says

    go to the water and at some point, say lets go skinny dipping she what she says.. if she is a fun girl and you 2 feel comfy around each other she may go.

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