How it All Started

A story from Sheryl:

684_3817642I have skinny dipped and been naked around my family on many occasions as a girl growing up. I’ll always remember how it all started. There are 5 cousins in our families: 4 girls and one boy. His name is James but we all called him Bubba.

The first time we skinny dipped was on a camping trip. Bubba was 15, I was 12, Bubba’s sister was 10 and one other cousin was there, she was my age 12. The lake was a private lake near a larger public lake. Our cabin was the only one and it was deep in the woods so completely secluded. The only road in allowed us to see any cars coming in well before it actually reached the cabin. This privacy is what contributed to what happened.

The parents would leave early each morning to go fishing in the public lake. They would spend most of the day there. We kids could care less so the older folks would just leave us there to “play” as we always did growing up.┬áBut since we were getting older and we two older girls were starting to develop, the”play” was getting flirtatious.

I and the other 12 yr old we’re wearing little string bikinis. Bubba was wearing cut offs and his sister had on a one piece suit. We were playing around in the water for a while when Bubba said he was going to go sunbathe on a floating platform in the middle of the lake.

He took off for it with us girls following behind at a little distance. When he reached the platform he reached under the water and then tossed his shorts up on the platform. He got out and we could see he was nude. We girls were all giggling with embarrassment when we saw him lie down on his back to sunbathe. The other two stopped swimming towards the platform but I found myself almost unconsciously continuing to swim. I felt a mixture of nervousness and curiosity. Other than getting an accidental peek at my dad and grandad when I was younger, I had never seen a naked guy before.

I remember getting up on the platform and sitting and talking with Bubba. No one else took their suits off that first time but we all would later. I just remember sitting there and staring at him. I can’t remember much else about that particular time. But I do remember how well endowed he was and how aroused he got with me sitting there looking at him.

That’s how it all started, eh? Well, you’ll have to tell us more!


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