How Jealousy Led Me To Skinny-Dipping

Grace sent in this story about her first time, and the surprising circumstance that unexpectedly led to it:

Hey there! My name is Grace. I’m 18 years old. I recently had my first skinny-dipping experience, and I wanted to share the story here.

I come from a very conservative family and really, a very conservative community. While I don’t see that as a bad thing, it has made my life different in a lot of ways. Internet usage isn’t quite widespread here, so until I started looking it up a few days ago, I didn’t even know skinny dipping was a thing.

About a week ago, my boyfriend, Isaac, and I were touring a Civil War battlefield near where we live. We’re both huge history nerds, so this is how a lot of our dates go. Anyway, towards the end of one trail Isaac pointed out a natural path leading off of the official trail. At first, we thought it was just a deer path, but then we noticed that the footprints on the trail definitely belonged to other humans.

Intrigued, we followed the path. While it was slightly overgrown in places and had several rather steep areas, it was obviously very well-worn. When we finally reached the end, we found ourselves on the banks of a wide, shallow river. Despite having a decent current, it was only about six inches deep all across, and there was a sandy shore on the other side. We decided to ford the river. Isaac offered to carry me across because he’s a sweetie, but I assured him I’d be fine on my own. We both took off our shoes and managed to get across without getting our clothes wet.

The sand on the other side was so smooth, and the water was so clear! I wished I had brought my swimsuit, but I had never guessed such a paradise was just off the beaten path at a Civil War battlefield. Isaac and I drew our names in the sand with a heart between them. We were about to head back when we heard people laughing.

I was a little scared, because I felt like we probably weren’t supposed to be here. But Isaac reasoned that if that was the case, they weren’t supposed to be here either. So we left our shoes on our little beach, and both went in the direction that we felt like the voices had come from to see who else was visiting this perfect spot.

We walked up the river a little further and found another sandy beach. This one was surrounded by humongous granite boulders, but once we got on the other side of the boulders, we found them: a boy and a girl about our age, lying on towels on the beach. And yeah, they were completely naked.

I have two younger brothers, and I had seen them naked while giving them baths when they were little boys. I also lived on a farm where we had a bull, so I had a decent understanding of male anatomy. But this was my first time seeing a naked man, and I was taken aback. Even seeing him from the waist up was kind of weird, because men in my community wear shirts with their swimsuits. Isaac seemed pretty shocked too. My mind scrambled to figure out how to react to this situation.

As Isaac and I stood dead in our tracks, the nude sunbathers immediately jumped up, wrapping themselves up in their towels. “Sorry!” the boy apologized. “We’re siblings. We thought nobody else would come here.”

“I-it’s okay!” I stammered. “We’ll just go away!” Isaac was still dumbstruck, but I took his hand and we started to return the way we came. I didn’t know if they were being rude by being naked in public or if we were being rude by intruding on them. It was very awkward!

Once we returned to the beach where we left our shoes, we sat down and both began to laugh. Then Isaac’s voice got serious. “That was my first time seeing a naked girl.”

Of course. Isaac was an only child, so he wouldn’t have seen his sisters naked. Something about the thought of Isaac seeing that girl on the beach made me feel riled up. I guess I was jealous. So I said “I always hoped that I would be the first girl you saw naked.”

“It was only a short glimpse,” Isaac responded. “I barely saw anything… strange.” He then quickly changed the subject. “What the heck were they doing though?”

“I guess it’s not really that different from taking a bath together, if they’re siblings,” I suggested.

“Yeah, maybe some siblings do that,” Isaac replied.

We then sat in silence for a bit. I thought about how mad I was that Isaac had seen that other girl naked, and a crazy idea seized my head.

“Isaac, would you look at me if I were to take my clothes off right now?”

Isaac looked extremely surprised, and I immediately felt like I had gone too far. “What? Grace, what if somebody else saw?”

“It’s not like they’d recognize us or anything.” I had gone too far to back down now. At the time, I was unaware that public nudity was something that could get you in trouble with the police if reported.

Isaac seemed to think for a long time before replying. “I’d look at you naked. But would you look at me if I got naked too?”

I hadn’t considered that he would want to undress too, but I wasn’t opposed. “Alright, but you have to let me go first.”

And with that, I began to undress in front of Isaac on that secluded beach. I started by taking off my blouse and pulling down my skirt. Then, with a whirlwind of feelings in my stomach, I unsnapped my brassiere and slid off my panties. I was now completely naked in front of a man for the first time in my life.

I immediately began to feel self-conscious about my farmer’s tan and the various bumps and bruises in places nobody had seen before. I was hoping Isaac would say something, but he just stared at me with his mouth hanging open. I shamelessly prodded him for a response. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re beautiful,” he answered, “way more beautiful than the girl from earlier.”

Well, that was exactly what I wanted to hear. But it wasn’t over yet. Now it was his turn.

He took off his shirt and shorts, and then, with great reluctance, removed his boxers. The first thing that struck me about him was how hairy he was compared to the boy from before. I now know that the boy from earlier must have shaved in order for his skin to be as clean-looking as it was. I didn’t think the hair was ugly though. I guess it’s like how some girls prefer guys with beards, while some prefer them without.

I realized I was giving Isaac the same silent treatment he had given me, so I said the first thing that came to my mind: “I love you.” Very sappy, yes, and not exactly appropriate to the situation, but it was all I could think of. Of course, Isaac quickly replied with “I love you too.”

I didn’t really want to get dressed again yet, so I asked Isaac if he would like to get in the water. he agreed, and we both stepped into the river. It was still very shallow, though, and there really wasn’t much we could do aside from splashing each other with our legs. It was weird to feel my breasts bouncing up and down as I played though. And Isaac’s…”man parts”…were even more flexible. Watching them move made me want to laugh, but I didn’t know if that would hurt Isaac’s feelings, so I held back.

We were so immersed in our playtime that we didn’t even realize that the siblings from earlier had come up the river. They were wearing their towels and carrying their clothes. “Hey,” the boy said, getting our attention. “If you want to swim, the water gets really deep where we were just at.”

Isaac and I immediately crouched down and tried to hide as many of our intimate parts while smiling meekly. The boy continued to speak. “Hey, for what it’s worth, I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of. And if you like, we’ll go with you.”

“Uhhh… sure,” Isaac answered. He rose to his feet, exposing himself to the siblings. I felt a little bit of jealousy that now, the girl had seen Isaac naked too, but I followed my boyfriend’s lead and stood up. The siblings smiled warmly and unwrapped their towels, and with all four of us now 100% exposed, we went back down the river to where the siblings’ swimming hole was.

We began to banter as we walked. I won’t use the sibling’s real names here, but we’ll call them “John” and “Mary.” John was 19 and Mary was just a year younger. They’d come here often to swim naked with their family since they were kids, a ritual the two of them planned on keeping alive into adulthood. This was the first time I heard the phrase “skinny dipping” used. It made me feel more comfortable to know that what Isaac and I were doing was a somewhat-normal activity in the rest of the world.

As we were walking, we came across a stony patch in the stream. I lost my footing and began to fall, but Isaac caught me, touching one of my breasts in the process. Both of our faces turned red, much to the amusement of the siblings. As soon as they turned back around, however, I took Isaac’s hand and placed it back around my breast, cupping it around the end. I was already living on the edge, and every bit of new territory I stepped into felt a little bit more thrilling. Isaac looked surprised at first but seemed to get more comfortable, giving it a small squeeze before letting go.

We reached the granite beach where the siblings had been, and they showed us a place where the water gathered around several rocks, creating a pool about six feet in diameter and four feet deep at the middle. The water was warmer, perhaps because it didn’t move around as often. It wasn’t the most spacious swimming hole, but there was room for the four of us to get cozy.

I really can’t explain how being completely naked in the water felt so good. I’ve been naked in the bath before, but somehow it never felt like this. Feeling the water all around me was a truly unique sensation, and later, Isaac told me that he felt the exact same way.

I’m kinda split about sharing this next part, but you know what? I’m already breaking a ton of rules by even writing this, so I’ll go ahead and describe my fellow dippers. Isaac is really tall and also very slim, with short brown hair. His body hair is kinda unkempt, but in a manly kind of way. John has an athletic build, blonde hair, and, as previously mentioned, a clean-shaven body. His manhood is a fair amount shorter than Isaac’s, though. And Mary has a short frame with blonde hair. Her breasts are a little bigger than mine. Similar to John, her vagina was shaved clean, which was something I had never even thought about doing myself. I think it looked really pretty that way, though, so I might give it a try sometime.

I took the opportunity to wash off some of the sweat from hours of hiking while we all made small talk. It turned out that John was going to college soon, and Mary asked us if perhaps she could go skinny dipping with us while he wasn’t around. We agreed, and exchanged phone numbers. It was one of my first friendships with people from outside of my conservative community, but they were very kind about not saying or doing anything that upset us. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for our relationship.

After about an hour of talking and laughing together, John and Mary said that they really had to be getting home. Isaac and I opted to stay behind, but we said goodbye and promised to meet up again sometime. I don’t feel very jealous of Mary at all anymore. I guess we’d warmed up to each other.

Finally, it was just the two of us in the pool. I put Isaac’s hands on my breasts again, and he tenderly stroked them for what seemed like hours. I was so happy. Then Isaac did something which took me by surprise, taking my hands and placing them on his own genitals. For some reason I don’t understand, this seemed to make him uncomfortable, and he moved my hands quickly. So instead, I hugged him tightly, pressing my breasts up against him.

I could have stayed there embracing him for hours longer, but the sun was beginning to set and it would be dangerous to walk home in the dark. So we both got up and returned to the beach where our clothes were. We got dressed and returned to the trail. We had completely forgotten that we were on a Civil War battlefield, but looking back, it’s kinda unsettling that we were getting so intimate on a plot of land where hundreds of soldiers had died in the past. Anyway, that part of our hiking trip is something that neither of our families will hear about any time soon.

When I got home, I researched more about skinny dipping and stumbled across this site. I felt a lot better after hearing about so many people with experiences similar to mine! After a week, I’ve finally gathered up the courage to share my story with the world. If Isaac and I have any more nude adventures in the future, I’ll be sure to write and tell you all about them!

Thanks, Grace! I’m glad you found the site, and look forward to more stories!



  1. I enjoy Grace story. It was 1st time you seen your boyfriend naked and you where also cool with the other girl at the time seeing him and was not a big deal that you where swimming with others. I feel with skinny dipping long as you trust each other no harm if others happen to join you. I feel skinny dipping is amazing for sure.

  2. Im glad you shared the story. Well written

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