I need nude dares!!

nude like:

  • do 100 Nude jumping jacks
  • go outside for 5 min nude
  • freeze all your clothes for 1 hr
  • play a video game if you lose remove 1 peace of clothing you start out with out bras undies under shirts and socks play until your nude dont put your clothes on for 3 rounds
  • take a bath with the hottest water for 10 min then take a shower on the hottest water for 10 min then immediately take your frozen clothes on then after 5 min take clothes off and put them back
  • go skinny dipping in your bathtub with the bathroom door and shower curtain open
  • throw you clothes out the window then go get them
  • accidentally open the door on the way out all of the doors
  • find a way to get in – don’t put your clothes on til your inside
  • sleep nude
  • sleep in frozen clothes


  1. How about just spend 24 hours completely naked. Of couse it would have to be a saturday or a day where you dont have to go to work, but you get the point.

  2. martieezy; beezy's says

    these sound like crazy fun, can i play?

  3. go suprize ur nieghbour

  4. Depends on what you are dealing with.

    1) Go to a remote park with hiking trails. Go out on the trails for a while. Remove your clothes except for your shoes and socks and stash them on the side of the trail. Go up the trail a mile and come back to your clothes.
    2) Alternately go to a remote trailhead, lock your clothes in the trunk and only bring your key and shoes/socks.
    3) If you have an accompliss, have them take your clothes to another part of the trail and work your way there.

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