i need some fun, crazy, and memorable stuff to do over summer!?

i already have skinny dipping, and having random people sign t-shirts, tanning, and visiting a haunted place. other ideas??


  1. 1)Have a bonfire! They’re so much fun in the summer!
    2) Invite all your friends(even guys with a little convincing!) over for a mega- sleepover. Rent tons of horror, comedy, and action movies and make sure you have lots of caffeine(soda, energy drinks) on hand, along with high-sugar snacks so that you all can stay up all night. Believe me, the stuff that happens when everyone’s high on a jolt will never be forgotten!
    3) Bring all your friends to an amusement park and stay there all day long and all night. Classic summer stuff never gets old.

    Hope you have an amazing summer!

  2. cliff diving is a lot of fun.

  3. i love to go see the ocean and listen to the waves and smell the salty ocean breezes and sometimes just sit out in the shade reading a good book.

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