I want a summer full of memories, so what should i do before it ends?

I’m in high school and my worst fear is dying without memories. So, give me ideas of thigns i can do that i’ll never forget. i.e skinny dipping….. forking someone’s yard… etc.

I want summer ’08 to be hilarious and memorable.
please help!


  1. What is forking someone’s yard??? Skinny dipping is fun. Exploring a vacant house is fun- there used to be a vacant fort near us and we would climb the fence at dark and explore. Illegal, but very fun. Caving is extremely cool- sometimes there are caves nearby that you can play in. Check around. You need 3 or more light sources and a helmet-plus plenty of friends for safety and a map of the cave.
    Swimming in an ice cold stream is great summer fun-depending on where you live. We used to jump off the ocean cliffs when I lived in Rhode Island. Taking a random road trip is great- just drive all night until you end up somewhere. Sleep in the car-eat at a Waffle House. Crash a wedding or a strange party. Hmmm….jump off a huge dirt pile and land in it.

  2. I dont think you can forget breaking a record of some kind

  3. Once upon a time.. says

    Volunteer, take a chance to get to know other people.
    And be who you want to be, if you’ve wanted do something just do it. Don’t be afraid and follow your heart.

    Live everyday as if it were your last.

  4. Mike and Melissa says

    TP your own house

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