I Went Skinny Dippin’

Here’s Susan’s adventure:

285_2856179This happened when I was 15. I was out of school for the summer vacation. My mom dad and I lived out in the country. No one lived with in 5 miles of our home. It was all farm and ranch land.

Mom and dad were out of town for a few days. I was at home alone. There was a creek about 2 miles away. I have gone swmming there before. This time it hit me. I am going skinny dippin’.

I put on a light white cotton dress. I had to walk down the drive way, cross a 2 lane state highway, then cross over a gate and walk to the creek. The wind was blowing hard that day – 25 to 35 miles an hour from the south. I got to the creek swimming hole. I took off my dress and drop it on the ground. I jumped in the water!

This creek is spring feed and always cold. That cold water on my naked body was great. After my swim I lay out in the sun for about a hour. I went back to the location I had left my dress. It was gone. The wind blew it away. I looked for my dress for about a hour. I never found it. The sun was setting and I started home.

It was still spring time, and with the setting sun, it was getting cool and with the blowing wind, I was getting goose bumps on my naked body. I, a way it was a bit fun walking around naked outdoors.

I get back to the area across the highway from my house. And there was a lot of traffic. I had to cross that gate, cross a 2 lane state highway and walk up my drive about 300 feet with out anyone seeing me.

With no place to hide. I hid and watched traffic. At times with that wind blowing, I thought I was going to freeze to death. I saw a break in traffic. I jumped over the gate, crossed the road, then I see a car coming. All I can do is get in the ditch and lay there. The car drives on. I make a run to the house. Then it hits me… my key to the back door was in my dress. I then found a extra key mom keep hid in a old storage building behind the house.

That’s a great story to tell, thanks!



  1. Loved the story!!

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