Ideas for a fun bucket list?

What else do you think we should add?

-Go Skinny Dipping
-Go Streaking
-Sneak Out in the middle of the night and go to Little Ceasers
-make smores at a bonfire
-Have a water balloon fight
-go for a midnight swim
-get kicked out from at least 3 stores in one day
-walk around and say awkward compliments to at least 15 people
-run through sprinklers
-Hide and seek in the mall
-sleep out under the stars
-Buy a homeless person a happy meal.
-try sushi
-egg someones house
-play beer pong
-Give and get a hickey
-Put peanut butter on random car door handles

My sister(13 years) My Cousin(15) and me(14) are planing on doing these over Summer vacation but we don’t know what else to add. We want it to be small but fun,adventurous, and funny!(:
Any Ideas??


  1. Here’s some ideas from MY bucket list:

    swim in a fountain
    play minigolf in a wheelchair
    set a car on fire
    crash a wedding
    start an epic food fight
    steal a stop sign
    go to a drive-in movie
    paint graffiti
    carve my initials into a tree
    cook my way through a whole cookbook
    watch the sunset
    draw with chalk on my whole sidewalk (the whole street)
    play baseball with tomatoes
    make chocolate truffles
    sit on a rooftop
    eat spaghetti with my hands
    ride a bike in a swimming pool
    hold a lemur
    learn to dance
    have a tea party
    jump in a pool fully clothed
    try everything on the menu at Tropical Sno
    get a nosepiercing
    take a random vacation
    write a book
    get into a barfight
    write a mrching band show
    crowd surf
    get a tattoo
    lose my virginity
    drive a car blindfolded
    swim with a dolphin
    try veganism
    fly a plane
    wrestle a gator
    get duct taped to the wall
    take a pottery class
    build a treehouse
    roll down a hill
    ride on the handlebars of a bike

  2. can i see you when u girls go skinny dipping and streaking? please:)

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