If fat people like myself skinny dip, is it called 'fat dipping'?


  1. sister cool breeze says

    since i am a big person, i would call it "extra skin dipping" since we have extra skin to dip.

  2. Your retarded

  3. It’s called chunky dunk!

  4. bamckywow says

    haha someone said you’re retarded

  5. spookysickness says

    ^ Bella’s retarded for using the wrong "you’re/your".

    And, sure. Not like it even matters, most people are fat nowadays.

  6. hailtotheredskins1 says

    No, it’s Chunky Dunking. 🙂

  7. barbarino-49 says

    sounds good to me.

  8. CyberDave says

    More like belly flopping!

  9. NO!!

  10. I hope you are put on meds that make you gain 50 lbs. one day.

  11. Slappywag says

    just save yourself the pain and dont do it. but yes i believe thats what i would call it. yeah

  12. nope…lol that is really funny it’s still skinny dipping because you are in your skinnies…or at least the skinnies form anyone will see you…

  13. bear naked says

    no..it is called ugly

  14. Cause it’s referring to your skin, not your butter fat.

  15. theMeganEffect says

    It’s just skinny dipping with extra skin – adds flavor!


    Reading this answer may cause side effects such as cracked teeth, severe cramping, abnormal hair growth, sinus infection, forking of the tongue, and broken fingernails.

  16. no, silly, that sounds sick. like someone being dipped in fat. anyway im stooping to your level…

  17. chunk’n dunk

  18. mae~flower says

    It’s whatever you want to call it I gess.

  19. If a fat person does a *cannoball*, do they really empty the pool?

  20. Perfect Gentleman says

    I would say it’s called Chubby Dubbing!

  21. xxtooxcanxsamxx says

    its called chunky dunking

  22. it’s called creating a new tsunami

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