if you played the game,i have never/i never what questions would you ask?

it’s a drinking game someone says i never blank blank blank and if you did it you have to take a shot
i know they are not questions more like statements
ex.i never skinny dipped
what questions would you ask if playing with friend(s)
it’s an actual board game too!


  1. statements would be as follows:

    I never kissed a guy (and you’re a guy playing with all guy friends)
    I never stole money from my parents
    I never went naked in public

    Statements like that.

    The point of the game is that people will drink to weird things and then you make them uneasy and get them to explain why and when they did such crazy things. It’s kind of like truth or dare that way.

    I haven’t played this game myself, but I’ve seen it on TV once.

  2. U NEVU SKINNYDIPPED!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    i feel sorry for you…

  3. (Obviously, whichever apply to you.)
    I have never had a sister
    I have never had a brother
    I have never had hair past my shoulder blades
    I have never had black hair
    I have never been on a roof
    I have never been to (insert state/country/county here) (or insert wherever your friend lives/used to live)
    I have never been to (xx college)
    I have never read (common book (ex. Harry Potter, Twilight, any Dan Brown book, etc.)

    Have fun!

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