I’m having a scavenger hunt and we are thinking of friendly punishments for the losing team..any suggestions?

one example was skinny dipping in the lake, but its too cold for that
we just need something good so noone will want to lose


  1. have them eat somthing nasty

  2. Put them in stocks and throw wet sponges at them

  3. make a selection of discusting sandwiches for the loosers!

    or the loosers could be the winners slaves for an hour!

    have fun!

  4. give each member a hair cut but don’t cut more than 2 inches
    have to walk around in under garments the rest of the day

  5. dance naked?..lol or run around naked ..or maybe make the losing team eat sumthin?

  6. have them run around the yard in their underwear yelling "I’m a looser".

  7. I do this all of the time, make the losing team put on blind fold. (In the kitchen would be the best). Its called a taste test,when they are blind folded take a spoon full of some type of food or liquid. make sure its healthy for them to be having. Edible would be best 😛

  8. shave their heads

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