In the Middle of the Lake

Michael sent this nice memory. Makes me long for summer!

During the summer, my girlfriend at the time and I would go swimming and float around a small lake in my condo community. We would take a couple of inner tubes and float to the middle of the lake (about 100 yards from the closest edge) for the afternoon. There were people on different parts of the lake, but not too close to us.

About an hour after being out on the lake, my girlfriend was hot and decided to put her body through the center of the tube and hang on with her arms. After getting in position, she needed to adjust her bikini top and was having a hard time getting it to where it felt comfortable again.

After a few minutes of trying, she looked around and saw there wasn’t anyone within fifty yards of us. She said “Oh, what the hell?” with a smile on her face and removed her bikini top, tying it to the inner tube handle. She made a comment about how good it felt to have the “twins” just floating in the water.

I was really surprised since my girlfriend was a nice Catholic girl and we hadn’t been intimate or even seen each other naked yet. I had been dying to see what was underneath those bikinis she wore.

She smiled a couple of minutes later when I took off my shorts and put them on top of my tube. A little while later, she took off her bikini bottom to get the full skinny dipping affect. We both swam around outside of our tubes and floated naked in the tubes a lot for the next hour.

It was kind of funny to have it be the middle of the afternoon with so many people in sight around us (even though none of them were very close) while we were skinny dipping. At one point, another couple came by in their raft. I think they realized what we were doing, but said nothing and just smiled as they went by.

That was the first skinny dipping experience with who became my favorite skinny dipping partner of all time.

That pretty well sums up so much of what is nice about skinny dipping! Thanks for sharing this!



  1. Sounds great, skinny dipping is fun and amazing feeling.

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